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North of the Border


Educated Latinos love to travel, especially since now we have the money to do so. However, it takes a lot to impress us when it comes to going abroad. What most people consider “exotic” tropical vacations are like our backyards since we’ve been traveling to these locals all our lives to visit family. You gotta do a lil better than that. Again, while many people are quick to run off to Central and South America for an “adventurous” vacation, we know better. We are looking to get away from that and trying something new and a lil more relaxing. Therefore, our general rule of thumb when planning an exotic vacation is going somewhere where the primary language is neither ENGLISH OR SPANISH. Some examples include Prague, Greece, Thailand, and Italy. Remember, exotic doesn’t necessarily have to be oceans away, it can be as simple as planning a weekend getaway to say Montreal, Canada. I know it’s a crazy concept – us not running south of the border – but give it a chance, we did. – Taina