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Good Ol’ Salsa


There are very few things educated Latinos having in common with their parents, music being one of them. They LOVE LOVE LOVE old school salsa, old school meaning anything circa 1970. Check an educated Latino’s ipod and you will see one or all of the following artists: Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon, Celia Cruz, Ray Barretto, El Gran Combo or anyone under the Fania umbrella. This could be for many reasons – one being modern day music is LAME most of the time and two – because it keeps said educated Latino close to their heritage. It’s another way of distinguishing themselves from those non-Spanish speaking Latinos or Latinos who have never visited their motherland countries.

Therefore, when given the chance most educated Latinos would much rather listen to say, Marc Anthony, then Daddy Yankee. I know, I know, everyone is shocked to hear it, but it is true. Most educated Latinos did not grow up listening to reggaeton, instead it was the Spanish language music of their parents (or hip-hop, but that is another blog altogether) blasting in the background of every holiday, every birthday party, not reggaeton so there is no attachment there. A close analogy would be if you take for instance West Indians and their love for Bob Marley vs. Sean Paul, reggae vs. dance hall. Most West Indians have greater respect and love for reggae music, like Bob Marley, and can relate to it more, than dance hall. Dance hall is fun and ok for the clubs, but that’s about it. Now take this example and replace the genres with Salsa and reggaeton and you get the picture.