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Imported Beer


Latinos with one or more advanced degrees enjoy showing how cultured they are by their choice in beer. While educated Latinos enjoy many all-American pastimes, playing beer pong with Budweiser is not one of them. Instead, Latinos are united in their preference for imported beers. The same philosophy applies here as in the classic salsa theory, drinking imported beers from our mother countries gives a sense of pride/ link to heritage. Check the fridge of any given educated Latino and you will find one of the following: Corona, Dos Equis, Presidente, Medalla (Super Puerto Rican throwback) and Heineken (no ethnic connection, just a household fave).

As the said educated Latino matures and broadens his/her social circles (which begins in college), their beer knowledge expands as well. Now they’ve traveled quite a bit and made lasting friendships with a white person or two, so it is easy to become a beer snob. Words like lager (light beer), ale (without hops) and stout (top fermented) now come into play. What better way to impress other educated people at social events then to be able to converse about beer in great detail. When in a sophisticated social setting educated Latinos will most likely order one of the following: Stella Artois, Pilsner Urquell, Guiness Stout or Hoegaarden.