Ok so you saw this coming I’m sure. This is the Latino answer to the “Stuff White People Like” and “Stuff Educated black People Like” blogs, which both are immensely entertaining. We, the educated Latino, feel we have a responsibility to spread a lil knowledge about ourselves as well. Fun fact: we also obtain post secondary degrees and become professionals (although the media would never let you know it) and in the midst of doing that, we lead pretty interesting and diverse lives. Our diversity also poses an interesting dynamic that our white and black comrades don’t face, we can look like either. We speak English without accents, and sometimes as a first language. Therefore, it’s not so easy to distinguish an educated Latino just by looking at them, you’ve got to dig a lil deeper than that and that’s where we come in. In fact you might be in the presence of an educated Latino right now as you read this unbeknownst to you, but have no fear; Stuff Educated Latinos Like is here! So pull up a seat and allow us to reintroduce ourselves…..


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  1. I have read stuff white people like, and EBP, and I’m glad you started this. But I think the most important issue you should add on here, is the fact that we call ourselves LATINOS and not Hispanic. Educated latinos understand how the word hispanic was used by the government to put us in a “box”, and we fully embrace the term Latino to give honor and respect to our indigenous roots, who tend to be forgotten by the influences of the Spaniards.

  2. WOO HOO!! I am not latino, but I cannot wait for this blog. Some stuff to start off with: Tabasco, dancing (wether salsa meringe, tango, bachata etc), wearing skimpy and tight outfits (guys and girls), telenovelas, playing the guitare, putting spanish words in their english sentences, sometimes talking with their hands (mostly ladies and gay dudes), Juanes, getting pregnant at an early age (no offense, just a reality), the sign of the cross ( before doing anything risky and dangerous),

  3. Oh Lord, I knew this was coming. Loved the old school salsa post, that is me all the way, LOL.

  4. Bueno comienzo!!

    Me gusta leer de familia latino y la idioma espanol

  5. i like your website, but i think it would be best to remove, the “educated” label, because its assumed that we are, but also its good to unify ourselves just like white people do. they don’t even list what white trash do…hehe.

  6. Guys this thing is great! But I see posts are sporadic and while I realize that educated Latinos are busy people, I mean after all we aren’t spending our days waiting for work at the local 7-Eleven, but we are looking like the slackers we’re portrayed to be on the 8 o’clock news by not keeping this blog as current as the “other” two! Come on guys let’s show these people that the real reason this country is surviving is because of the three jobs our parents had to have so that we could become the educated Latinos we are today!

  7. i agree with Cindy

  8. Yeah, i figured this blog would be sparring against the aforementioned top two but these posts are way too sporadic…what gives? Rep yourselves Latinos, i was looking forward to this blog…

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