A Rapper’s Entourage Is Full Of . . .

The N Word


We rather say, “What’s up, bro?” than “Sup my n***a?” It’s more prudent and we don’t like to use words slave masters used to say . . . a lot. Even when some of our black friends say, “It’s cool; you’re Latino so you can say it.” We rather not because you’re not going to hear us say, “It’s cool; you’re black so you can call me a spic.” It just doesn’t seem right. Now saying cracker is a whole other story. We hate us some cracker ass crackers. –Atahualpa


5 responses to “A Rapper’s Entourage Is Full Of . . .

  1. crackers… love that word.
    come check out this educated cracker’s blog

  2. Wow this is so funny cause it’s true. Being Latino we do get a pass but something about it just don’t feel right. Besides, educated people can find better words to use…

  3. Educated Latinos dont say that word. Thats our word!


  4. stuffeducatedchicanoslike

    This is a very good point. We don’t get a pass.

  5. you get a pass but its in better form and taste for te most part to not use it…

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